The Firemark Difference

We’re here to make a mark.
To turn the fire safety industry on its head.
Set new rules and standards.
Extinguish old ones.

Combine the best fire safety products,
with the best specialist engineers.

Engineers trained at our centre of excellence.
Trained above the industry standard.
Engineers not incentivised to sell.
Engineers employed by us, and audited by us.
Not simply sub contractors in Firemark uniforms.
Engineers that specify the best equipment.
Like fire extinguishers, unique to us, with a 0% failure rate.
Yes, 0%.
Just like our customer service.
Honesty, integrity, transparency.
It’s what we live by.
Because who wants poor service?
The industry has put up with it for too long.
It needn’t be that way.
At Firemark we do more than expected.
We work above the industry standards.

That’s our promise:
We’ll supply you with knowledge and advice to prevent fires.
We’ll do it with professionalism,
and we’ll leave you with product that performs when needed.

How do we do this?
Well this is all we do.
We’re fire safety specialists and that’s it.
That’s the mark of safety.
That’s Firemark.