About Us

The big brand that delivers an agile, customised and highly personal service. Welcome to the best of both worlds.

At Firemark we’ve been leading the way in fire safety and prevention for over 50 years’. Today, we consider ourselves the complete fire safety partner, providing extinguisher, riser and fire door inspection; installation and maintenance. Our products work better, last longer and need less care and attention than their rivals, however we hope you never need to use them, so we offer planning and prevention services to reduce the likelihood of such an event.


Our unique combination of technical expertise, visionary thinking and unswerving professionalism is transforming the way organisations protect their people and property.


At the heart of our work – and key to our success – is partnership. We understand that the best results come from the closest partnerships, that’s why we spend more time

understanding our clients and their organisations. Only then can we deliver the tailored solutions and personal service that ensures safer people and premises.


Our people are exclusive to Firemark and trained internally at our academy. By hand-picking our people and training in-house we can guarantee our clients the unbeatable quality and peace of mind they deserve. The fact we audit our engineers ourselves and we do not pay ‘supplier focused’ commission schemes, makes us stand out in our industry and this is why we provide the best quality workmanship.


We understand there is more to our work than expertise and products alone. Through transparent pricing, nationwide service and our detailed asset management systems we are able to guarantee consistency. We take care of the extras that make ours a ‘value added’ service in the truest sense.