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Lithium-ion &
smoke containment

Protect what matters, when it matters most.

Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly used in electronics, but this brings increased fire risk. That’s because lithium reacts with many standard extinguishing agents, including water.

As an authorised re-seller of Brimstone fire protection products, we supply containment bags proven to work in the most challenging conditions – including onboard the International Space Station.

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Where to use:

First responders
Military & government
Battery manufacturers

Key features.

Proven to contain a violent fire and explosion from a fully-charged 20,000mAh pack c (5x more powerful than a standard laptop battery).

Reinforced with heavier materials and tougher closures.

Customer sizes and tolerances available.

Trusted by NASA, NetJets, Facebook, US Dept. of Defence, and many more.

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