Our History

At Firemark, we’ve been leading the way in designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining fire extinguishers since 1970. Back then, the industry was scattered and sales-led.

Our approach was to focus on engineers not sales-people, and make our clients’ safety a priority. Today, unlike every other comparable company, we still insist that our engineers earn their living from a regular salary, not commission. It means they have no hidden agenda and no reason to sell to you, plus the freedom they need to work to the exemplary standards our clients now take for granted.

Over the last 45 years, we have also championed the need to work in partnership with our clients and concentrate on their long-term safety, not just our short-term gain. This approach has attracted many of our our most prestigious clients, including the Ministry of Defence, HM Prison Service and a number of high-profile Blue Chip clients.