Our Approach

Our approach is unique because it’s about you, not us.

At Firemark, we use a tried-and-tested consultative process to give every client a uniquely tailored package of exactly the products and services they need. No more, no less. Our process starts with really getting to know your business or organisation, and that’s because we appreciate that no two clients are the same. Once we understand your operations and know your goals, we’ll deliver the practical, bespoke solutions and exemplary customer service our reputation’s been built on.

In six simple steps we’ll help you understand your own fire safety issues and obligations clearer than you ever have before. If you don’t already know it, we’ll also tell you where your current provision could be improved from a practical, commercial and legal perspective. Finally, we’ll work with you to create a customised strategy that ticks every single box, then deliver it with virtually zero disruption to your everyday work.


We’re keen to learn about your everyday operations and how they relate to fire safety.


We’ll tell you about our products and services as well as how we can tailor them to suit your needs.


We’ll present a clear, realistic and compliant solution, perfectly matching your needs with our capabilities.


For great results with real transparency we’ll agree a contract and KPIs face to face, confirm them in writing, then upload data to our Service Management System.


We’ll deliver everything we agree in our contract with absolute integrity and professionalism. Guaranteed.


Against agreed KPIs we’ll regularly evaluate, review and fine-tune every aspect of our partnership.