Fire Training

The law is simple:

UK legislation requires all employers to make sure their employees receive adequate fire safety training. At Firemark we’ll help you meet this obligation with clear, relevant and up-to-date training programmes brilliantly delivered by experienced trainers. Training focuses on the two key areas of fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire, taking a comprehensive look at everything from extinguisher colour coding through to evacuating those with special needs.

We can also create bespoke training packages specific to your business and its culture, or specific to your industry sector and any special risks or legislation associated with it. For added impact we can even tailor the training and course materials to include particular situations or photos. Our courses feature classroom theory and hands-on training, including ‘live’ fire training where attendees tackle simulated fires in a controlled environment. Lastly, for real convenience we can deliver training at our own Somerset HQ or on site at your premises.